The artist’s very first work and a ref­er­ence to his for­ma­tion on the mar­gins of the Van­cou­ver pho­to­con­cep­tual scene, En­feuil­l­lage doc­u­ments—in 24 pho­tographs—a per­fumery process known as en­fleurage in which fat is used to ab­sorb the scent of flow­ers and is then ren­dered as a liq­uid (per­fume). The text el­e­ment of this work de­scribes the process straight-up, but in the pho­tographs the tech­ni­cian is seen sub­sti­tut­ing an old book for the usual flower petals: the fleurs have been re­placed by feuilles, and the re­sult­ing per­fume is left to the viewer’s imag­i­na­tion.
Book: Offset on paper and card, spiral-bound. 30 x 20 cm
Printed and bound at Druck-Store, Cologne, Germany

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