Yuri Pattison | Opening: Hybrid Layers

Fri, 02.06.2017
ZKM Atrium 8+9
Karlsruhe, Germany

The "Hybrid Layers" exhibition presents new perspectives on digital technologies, the Internet and social networks. It examines both virtual and physical appearances of a new kind of media art, as well as its ambiguous, seductive and ironic aesthetics.
"Hybrid Layers" investigates the manifold aspects of what could be termed the »digital condition.« In this exhibition, the digital becomes the picklock, the a priori, that discloses the specific cosmos, the cultural and conceptual scenarios revealed by the individual artworks. The exhibition focuses on a generation of artists, who were confronted by the growing presence and impact of the digital sphere.

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Yuri Pattison | Opening: Hybrid Layers

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