Urdiendo ritmos | Héctor Zamora

Urdiendo ritmos
Héctor Zamora
Jardín Ochil, Yucatán, México
April 22th, 2017

Jardín Ochil is a new space where contemporary works of art emerge from artists' reflections on the territory, history and problems of the communities that inhabit the Yucatan peninsula. Urdiendo ritmos specifically explores the technologies developed by weavers to create fibers, dyes and thread from the fiber of the sansevieria (cow's tongue), an African-origin plant that was first used in Yucatan in the twentieth century. The hammock weavers of three different communities of Yucatan dye and weave the sansevieria to articulate various stitches for the pieces that Zamora created to dialogue with them.

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Urdiendo ritmos | Héctor Zamora

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