Nicholas Mangan | Energ(ética): arte y energía sostenible

Bogotá, Colombia
October 23rd - November 14th

The industrial economic development of the last 100 years is incompatible with the sustainability of the planet. Serious climatic alterations are taking place due to the extraction of non-renewable resources, product of an excessive and inefficient consumption of energy. Given this situation, for several decades, there have been expressions of concern on the part of scientists, economists and politicians, who have tried to act from the technical sphere, the regulatory sphere, or the political sphere. Art has not been alien to this struggle; Many artists have reflected, from their personal perspective, on a subject that concerns us all. Although some have opted for denunciation and social activism, and others for proposing solutions on utopian occasions, many have considered that an enigmatic and allegorical approach can be more effective to achieve an awareness by the general public. Energ(ética) is the result of this approach. With works by artists who work on various aspects of the problem: energy, work, sustainability, and their social and political implications, this exhibition reflects on the conditions of production itself, and the implications for the planet of any human action, including artistic action.

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Nicholas Mangan | Energ(ética): arte y energía sostenible

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