Nicholas Mangan


For as long as the artist can remember, Nicholas Mangan has been pulling things apart – attempting to understand them – and then putting them back together (but not always in the same way). Mangan´s practice is driven by the desire make sense of the world by unpacking histories and possible narratives that surround specific contested sites and objects. This investigation explores the unstable relationship between culture and nature, evidencing the flows of matter, energy and ideologies that are produced through the tension of these two realms. A disputed tropical mine, a bankrupted island nation, a geological sample of the earliest earth crust, discarded tourist souvenirs and the remnants of a demolished architectural icon have each lent material to this process of dissection and reconfiguration. By rerouting each of these stories, new forms and latent narratives are unearthed. Recent projects have utilized a confluence of film and sculpture as an agent for both formal and metaphorical excavation.