Irene Kopelman

Irene Kopelman

Cordoba, Argentina | 1974

Lives and works in Amsterdam.


Irene Kopelman reads her practice within the notion of models.The artist uses the term models as the instance of materialization between the thinking process and the word. Her work is inspired by this concept, which is used by most of the disciplines of knowledge. Many areas of studies generate models with the aim of granting access to and subsequently organizing the world (for instance models of the planets in astronomy, chemical models in order to represent the atoms, archeological models to represent lost civilizations and even abstract, but not formal, models as it would be in the case of mathematical or economical models).

Kopelman hopes to make evident that it is impossible to enclose the complexity of things in departmentally tight categories: During the 19th century, a scientific project needed to force things into categories in order to visualize the rules to which they respond and organize the world in a logical system. This was a fundamental process to schematize how we look at things and simplify it to the extreme, thus overlooking any singularities.

The artist wishes to explore the link in between two sources, the direct contact with the landscape and the mediated contact with it via the museum collections. She is  keen to search for a way to put together these elements, working towards a generation of a narrative, which will emerge when all these components coexist. This dynamic of difference and repetition is the central axis of my work.